DiCoT-CL selected as a Best Paper for International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) Yearbook 2016

It was a great pleasure to find out our paper has been selected for the IMIA Yearbook for this year.

“The International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) publishes the annual IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics. The IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics is a non-profit project to advance the field of medical informatics and to stimulate dissemination and exchange of information between researchers and professionals of the health and biomedical informatics community at large.”

The subset of the yearbook we have been selected in is ‘Human Factors and Organisational Issues’. The general message for this area is that we need more comprehensive methods to capture the advancing complexity of informatics systems in healthcare, and our paper is chosen as an example of progress in this area.

Analysing the usability of a device is not adequate to understand performance. So what should we analyse? Our paper proposes a comprehensive framework for analysing layers of informatics around a tool/system/medical device. We hope to use this framework to explore how other medical devices and systems are coupled to their context in the near future.

Link to summary (see 24): https://imia.schattauer.de/contents/current-issue/issue/2422/issuePage/2.html

Link to PDF of how papers are selected: https://www.schattauer.de/index.php?id=5236&mid=26817&L=1

Paper: Furniss D, Masci P, Curzon P, Mayer A, Blandford A. Exploring medical device design and use through layers of Distributed Cognition: How a glucometer is coupled with its context? J Biomed Inform 2015;53:330-41. https://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jbi.2014.12.006

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