HCI Healthcare Fieldwork Case Studies Book now available on Amazon

It’s great to finally reach this stage where the first volume of these books is available on Amazon. This one contains 12 case studies from HCI and human factors researchers who detail their experiences of doing fieldwork in healthcare (warts and all). The companion volume, which will be published this summer, will synthesise advice from these experience. I really hope that these books fulfil their aim of being a great resource for researchers and practitioners that are starting to do this sort of work in healthcare. We hope it goes someway towards making this important area of study more accessible for graduates, as well as providing substance for reflection and debate for more experienced researchers and tutors.


We are pleased to announce that the first HCI Healthcare Fieldwork volume, “Fieldwork for Healthcare: Case Studies Investigating Human Factors in Computing Systems”, is now available through Amazon.

It will also be available for purchase at CHI 2014 in Toronto where you can also pre-register for the second volume, “Fieldwork for Healthcare: Guidance Investigating Human Factors in Computing Systems.”

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