ErrorDiary is a website of amusing everyday errors. The purpose of it is to raise debate around human error: is this concept solely reserved for incompetent people or are there more normal reasons that underlie serious and not-so-serious errors? If we think it only applies to idiots then we can try to train them better and we can reallocate them if they make errors too frequently or if they are too serious. On the other hand, if we think there are interesting reasons behind the errors we can try to understand them and design the situation so those sorts of errors are less likely to happen in the future. We believe the same psychological principles lie behind everyday errors and more serious accidents.

Example from #errordiary

If you’re lecturing on Human Error you can use Errordiary as a resource, or you can follow it just for fun! Please join and contribute by using the #errordiary hashtag. Originally started by @FaintSignals


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  1. Posted by Katerina Zakrevskaya on May 24, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    Never follow 100% recipe instruction for Indian food. I have just done it and my food tastes “fire”, my tongue is burned and my body temperature is above 40. Shall I call ambulance or just take a cold shower? Sigh:-)


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