The Comedy of (Human) Error and Resilience

I recently gave a UCL Bite-sized Lecture: The Comedy of (Human) Error and Resilience. The mini-lecture had two objectives: 1) to raise awareness about the pervasiveness and importance of human error; and 2) to introduce concepts for thinking more deeply about cognitive resilience. I relate my lecture to Shakespear’s original play and like any good story I try to cover drama, comedy, tragedy and romance. As we go on this journey we are reminded about implications for patient safety, both in terms of human error and cognitive resilience. The centre piece of this mini-lecture is the story of the Fray Bentos pie which colourfully encapsulates concepts important for cognitive resilience: resilience repertoire, Big R innovation and little r sharing.

The lecture is best viewed on slide share here – you should be able to press play and get the audio if your browser supports it:

A version is also available on YouTube here.

Publications on these ideas include:

Furniss, D., Back, J. & Blandford, A. (2011). Unwritten Rules for Safety and Performance in an Oncology Day Care Unit: Testing the Resilience Markers Framework. Proc. Fourth Resilience Engineering Symposium.

Furniss, D., Back, J., Blandford, A., Hildebrandt, M. & Broberg, H. (2011). A Resilience Markers Framework for Small Teams. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 96 (1), p2-10.DOI:10.1016/j.ress.2010.06.025

Furniss, D., Back, J. & Blandford, A. (2010). Resilience in Emergency Medical Dispatch: Big R and little rProc. Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (with CHI2010)


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  1. […] Dom Furniss gave a short talk at UCL on 9 March 2012 on some of his CHI+MED work on human error and resilience. The audio of the talk is now available (the video is embedded above or you can watch it along with other videos over at our YouTube channel) and Dom has written a little more about the presentation over at his blog. […]


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