Glastonbury 2011 in just 14 minutes (short film)

A week on and Glastonbury 2011 seems like an age away, but in another sense part of me is still there reliving the toilets, the mud and those emotional peaks in songs that reach deep inside the amygdala. Editing “GlastoFest 2011 #flashbackcity” has been a challenge in leaving stuff out rather than what to put in. Each Glastonbury is different and one of its first lessons is that you can’t have everything. Different overlapping communities sample different things from the GlastoFest feast of a menu – from all night ravers, to indie folk, to folkie folk and family folk. Each community not only having their favourite places to go to but also different patterns of sleep and activity. The ever expanding line-up means more choice, but also more things you just cannot see because of parallel sessions, travel time between stages, and hours in the day. Glastonbury has been a mission from start to finish. From clicking refresh and joylessly phoning for hours to get tickets, arriving at 3am and sleeping in the car on the Tuesday night to get a decent camp spot, lugging heavy bags over a mile to camp, setting up tents in the rain, the smells, the loos, the mud, the crowds, the 2hrs to leave the car park and the rest of the horrendous traffic on the way home meaning a 4hr journey took over 9hrs. However, overall these frustrations will fade and the great memories of the laughs, friends and music will remain marking GlastoFest 2011 as something to smile about for years to come. It’s been both a pleasure and a chore, the scale of which should not be underestimated in both regards. Glastonbury 2013 anyone??


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