Presentation Skills Training (Newport to Nice Part I)

I never realised how much of the London skyline you could make out from Terminal 5: BT Tower, London Eye, Canary Wharf and the Shard all visible on the horizon. I’m part way through my journey from Newport to Nice. I have spent the last two days at Caer Llan in Wales, which proved to be a lovely location for our CHI+MED workshop. ECRM11 was our Early Careers Researcher Meeting, which focused on developing presentation skills and developing group working across our project.

The presentation skills was run by Speak Easily who surpassed expectations in terms of developing people’s presentation styles. Thanks to Morwenna and Cathleen our trainers. I was astounded at the progress members of the group made and even those that were a bit better at presenting were suitably challenged and developed. The fear with these presentation skills workshops is that you get a lecture about not having too much information on your PPT slides, to speak more loudly, etc. but these guys threw PPT out the window. It was all about practical exercises focused on delivering a presentation as a performance with your voice and body. Exercises included slowing speech, pausing between sentences, improving narration, rehearsal techniques, animating pitch, using engaging gestures, improving assertive body posture, projecting emotion and more! It really was a great experience and I think will benefit all of us.

The group work discussions proved useful… and we have a lot of promising work on healthcare work-flows, DiCoT, resilience and appropriation in the longer term pipeline.


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